Coordination Services

Multilines has been also active in various research and coordination services for media and press from Japan to Belgium or vice versa.

Some of the projects and clients are listed below;

  • NHK BS and NHK general channel: "High Vision Special: Trip to European Greenhouses, Search for Eternal Spring" (2 hour special programme on Royal Greenhouses of laeken and Leopold II)
  Various coordination and negotiations with different services of Belgian Royal Palace , extensive research at Royal Archive, Archive of Belgian Foreign Ministry, Museum of Dynasty, African Museum, applications of filming permissions from different parties, arrangements of rental ENG crews and equipments, etc.
  • NHK Educational: "Super Teachers: Micha Maisky" (2 Series of one hour programmes)

Extensive interviews with Mr. Micha Maisky (World famous cello soloist) during 4 days of filming, interpretation, coordination and negotiations with different parties, etc.

  • Imagica SHOKU Channel: "Trip to Belgian Beers" (4 Series of 30 minutes on Belgian beers)

Help to develop ideas and scenarios of the programmes, selecting breweries to feature, coordination and negotiations with breweries, etc., interpretation, etc.

  • Before and after World Cup Football 2002 in Japan, numerous projects requested from major TV channels from Japan and Belgium
  - NTV: "News Plus 1", "URUGUS"
- TBS: "Super Soccer", "J-Sports"
- FUJI TV: "EZTV", "Zone Special"
- VRT: "World Cup Live", "SHOOTO"

Coordination and negotiation with specific the Federation, the Clubs, players, supporters, etc., interviews with the coach, players, cook, etc. of the national team, arrangements of rental crews and equipments, arrangements of filming permissions from different authorities, arrangements for live and non-live satellite transfer of materials, etc. For Belgian TV VRT, locating ENG rental company, Japanese football reporter to interview, locating local coordinator in Japan, searching for Japanese elements for studio ambience (Japanese calligrapher, Sushi cook, serving girls in Kimonos, etc.)

For print medias, we have served for various Japanese magazines and industry or local papers for their special articles on Belgian beers, food, cuisine, fashion, football, etc.