Auto-ID Equipments

TIM has been designed and developped for any application where a non expensive magnetic ticket, either conforming to the ISO standard (ISO 7810/7811) or not, is needed for a temporary usage.

TIM includes a reader/encoder/printer which handles plastic cards as well as paper ticket. And TIM is even smart enough to park an already read ticket in a specific place while it is reading an other ticket or card. And finally TIM can drive any wrong document to a reject exit located at the bottom of the unit.

The name TIM represents not only one product but a range of products as it can be delivered in many different configurations.

Starting from a fanfold paper stock TIM can feed a ticket, cut it, encod it, verify it, and print it. As TIM can encode and print at the same time, one ticket is issued in not more than 2 seconds.

Due to its versatile hardware and firmware TIM can be specifically adapted to fit various demands and Multilines is willing to consider any new application which may require specific features.

KDR/M 4000 Series
Standard motorized
IC/magnetic card


KDT 4000 Series
Motorized IC/magnetic card

KT 1000/2000 Series
Swipe card readers

KDR 9600 Series
Hybrid reader with motor
operational locking system

KDR 9400 Series
Hybrid reader with Solenoid
locking system